ZEE World ‘The Vow 2’ Teasers (17-21 July 2017): Kamna agrees to marry Samrat


THE VOW 2 (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 17 July 017 through; 21 June 2017 tease that Sindoora realises that Vidya has remembered her past and sets a trap that Divya falls for. Mahua catches a glimpse of Raghiv at a temple.

Divya tries helping Amar remember his past life but things do not go well. Kamna agrees to marry Samrat. Sindoora turns against Vidya and blames her for Sagar’s death. Chandra finds Raghiv in the middle of nowhere, alive but it appears that he has lost his memory.

Divya tries to help Kamna avoid the biggest mistake of her life but she refuses her help. It appears that Raghiv has been pretending to not have his memory to find out Sindoora’s plans. Sindoora plants doubts about Divya in Amar’s head.

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