ZEE World ‘The Vow 2’ Teasers (19-23 June 2017): Sindoora gets Kamna’s pregnancy results & plans to break Samrat & Divya’s relationship


THE VOW 2 (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 19 June 2017 through; 23 June 2017 tease that Amar’s father gives up his house to be able to pay for his son’s medical costs. In order to save his brother’s life,

Amar makes a drastic decision. Samrat asks Divya to marry him. Divya decides to reach out to Amar but she finds out that he is getting engaged to Bindya. Divya approaches Sindoora to talk about her memory flashes. Bindia overhears Amar talking about his feeling towards Divya.

Rajiv is on his way to find Amar, the two-cross path but do not realise this. Sindoora gets the results of Kamna’s pregnancy and plans to use them to break Samrat and Divya’s relationship. Kamna finds out that Samrat has been deceiving her.

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