ZEE World ‘This is Fate’ Teasers (17-23 Dec 2018): Kareena suspect that Preeta is in love with Rishab


This is Fate (ZEE World) teasers and updates for the week of 17 December 2018 through; 23 December 2018 teases that Kareena starts to suspect that Preeta is in love with Rishab and wants to swing herself into the family wealth.

Shriti is forced to hide her relationship with Preeta in order to keep her job at the Luthra house. Rakhi is still desperately searching for a wife for Rishab. A ruby from Kritika’s jewellery gets lost and Preeta is blamed. Shriti reaches out to Sarla in her time of need. It’s Kritika’s engagement ceremony.

Rishab’s feelings towards Preeta keep getting stronger. A confusion arises where Rishab thinks his mother wants to fix his marriage with Preeta instead of Sherlin.