ZEE World ‘Twist of Fate’ Teasers (19-23 June 2017): Aliya & Tanu dodge the bullet


TWIST OF FATE (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 19 June 2017 through; 23 June 2017 tease that Abhi spots Vijay with Aliya and Vijay runs away to avoid Abhi. Once again Aliya gets herself out of a sticky situation.  Abhi gets a hold of the power of attorney papers.

Vijay goes to Bulbul’s wedding reception to finish the job of killing Pragya.  Bulbul gets ensnared in a trap set for Pragya, one that may cost her life. Pragya decides to reveal the truth to Abhi and the two works together to catch the person behind Bulbul’s accident.

Aliya and Tanu manage to dodge the bullet but more problems come their way. Purab receives a distressing letter from Bulbul.

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