Zee World Weekly Highlights: 25-29 May 2015


Breaking Free(1)Eternal Love
Episode 14-18

Sahiba is over the moon and cannot wait to be reunited with Ranveer. Daljeet then decides to take a bold step with Sahiba. She reveals to Daljeet her intention of travelling to London. Ranveer is heartbroken to see Sahiba and Daljeet. He decides to erase her memories from his life. Sahiba makes a decision that might leave Daljeet lonely. Sahiba’s desperation forces her to reach out to her family. Daljeet then pours his heart out to her with the intention to save and win her heart.


Episode 18-22

Gauri and Durga secretly take Lakshmi to the temple to see Satyakaam. Menka steals money from the safe. Jolly delivers a letter from Satyakaam for Lakshmi, which ends up in Menka’s hand. Saraswati lies to her family about being in Mauritius for her honeymoon. Menka invites Saraswati’s in laws to a prayer at the house. Lakshmi rejects Satyakaam’s love. Suryakant is furious and decides to take his daughter back with him. Lakshmi sneaks out to see Satyakaam.


Married Again
Episode 80-84

Yash tries to tell Aarti how he feels. Prashant’s health is improving and he desires to live with his son. Yash sees Aarti reprimanding Prashant. An unexpected guest arrives at Mr Dubey’s door steps. Shoba made a mistake that could expose the truth. Aarti mistakenly reveals the truth about her past to Yash. He does not take the news about her well and decides to take a drastic step for clarification. Prashant decides to bring to light Aarti’s past to the Sindhia family.

Breaking Free
Episode 6-10

Tinkle steals money from home to help Sugni. Hukum makes Baburum an offer he can’t refuse. Sugni learns of Adi‘s relationship with Vikram. Adi is angry that his father ran away with a Bedni when he was a child. Hukum and his wife are hiding something from Gulabi. The whole community shuns Sugni and her family. Sugni’s family are refused purchases at the market. Hukum has a solution for the family’s trouble.

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