Zee World Weekly Highlights:18 – 22 May 2015


Zee World DStv channel logoBreaking Free Ep 1-5 (New show starting Monday)

Sugni is in trouble with Landlord Singh’s sons. Gulabi is pressured by her brother. Landlord Singh discovers Sugni is his daughter and his son accuses her of seducing him. She works on raising funds for her big move to the city and she struggles to get help for her mother after falling ill. Vikram fights to get keys to his house. Sugni sacrifices herself to perform the Rai dance and she refuses to dance ever again and goes in search for work. The landlord’s wife believes Sugni is flirting with Vikram.

Eternal Love Ep 9-13

Sahiba is adjusting to her new situation. The two cross paths but still find themselves apart. Daljeet on the other hand has managed to secure his life. Manmeet takes a decision to go and find his daughter. Sahiba has still not managed to find her love. The news about Daljeet and Sahiba’s decisions become known. The news about Daljeet’s marriage reaches London. Ranveer and Daljeet cross paths and get along well. Sahiba on the other hand will do anything to reach her goals. Daljeet is misled. Ranveer finds out about Sahiba and Daljeet’s relation. Daljeet’s mother and Sahiba get off on the wrong foot.

Destiny Ep 13-17

The groom has arrived for the wedding. Menka feels Savitri is getting all the attention and throws a tantrum. She steals some of the gifts that were to go with Saraswati to her in laws. Bhavishya comes home late and drunk. Yuvraj spends the night at the brothel. The sisters are forced to perform a ritual due to Yuvraj’s absence. Saraswati hides the truth about her first night at her in laws and she continues to hide the truth about Bhavishya’s true character. Yuvraj is falling deeper into Rasili’s trap and Lakshmi has gotten herself into trouble again.  Satyakaam and Lakshmi are stuck on the side of the highway. Savitri hears Saraswati’s conversation with her mother in law and finds out about the money demand.

Married Again Ep 75-79

Yash brings Prashant to the Sindhia house. Aarti is surprise, he is the friend Yash has been spending time with. Maya finds evidence that might give her ammunition against Aarti. Yash comes to know the truth about Bhavani’s. The truth can help Bhavani, it can also put an end to her marriage. Aarti is terrified when seeing Yash’s resentment towards lies. Yash questions Aarti and Prashant’s relationship. Aarti’s relationship is saved. The Sindhia family is in pain and sorrow. Bhavani’s court case takes an unexpected turn. Prashant cannot keep himself away from Aarti and wants to win her back.

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