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Saloni weekly summary episodes 30 -34

Shubra’s secret brings embarrassment to the family.  Ambika is ashamed and throws her daughter out the house. Shubra attempts to commit suicide.  Kaveri is up to her devious ways and tries to expose the family secret to Nahar.  Rewa is back and wants to start a music school with Neil.  Nahar confronts Rewa about her love for Neil.

Married Again weekly summary episodes 30 – 34

Yash serves divorce papers to Aarti.  Aarti does not want to end her relationship with Yash even though he doubts her. Aarti realises how much Yash detests liars and wants to reveal her past to him.  Áarti finds out about the passing of Arpita on Palak’s special day and Aarti promises Palak her mother will be at her birthday party.

Laali summary episodes 30 – 34

Ranvijay ensures Laali receives harsh punishment for robbing the temple. Shekhar tries to rescue Laali’s and she thanks him with a kind gesture. Gangi has a devious plan and aims to put into action. Shekhar cannot live with his father’s demands and attempts to end his life. Jamuni (Shekhar’s wife) thinks Laali and Shekar are destined for each other. Loha plans to poison one of his family members in order to get the heir he dreams off.

The Promise weekly summary episodes 30 – 34

Bani receives a call that Jai’s lawyer will be at the house. What could he be doing there? Jigyasa and Ranveer keep Bani’s pregnancy a secret from Jai and use it to conspire against her. Jigyasa moves out of the Walia house. Roshni threatens to spill Jai’s past if he does not agree to her demands. A priest foresees trouble and torture in Roshni’s future.