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Saloni Weekly Summary Episode 40 -44

Ambika’s health deteriorates when she hears of Kaveri’s ultimatum. Saloni is insulted by a long lost relative who arrives at the Singh house. Samar find’s out Darshan has fallen in love with his aunt. Saloni tries to protect her family secret while Nahar and Brijesh attempt to stop her.

Married Again Weekly Summary Episode 40 – 44

Mr Sindhia and Gayatri come to know that Aarti and Yash went out against their wish. Aarti helps Palak face her fears.  Bhavani is secretly looking for work opportunities while Pratik feels she is cheating on him. Aarti and Palak finally make a breakthrough in their relationship.

Laali Summary Episode 40 – 44

Laali saves Shekhar from making a pressured decision. Loha is given a surprise ultimatum by Laali about Shekhar. Doman Singh is at Loha’s mansion to rescue his daughter. A man is murdered on Shekhar’s land. Gangi and Ranvijay continue with their devious plans to destroy Shekhar. 

The Promise Weekly Summary Episode 40 – 44

An artist performing at the Walia house brings up Jai’s past. Jygyasa is back at the Walia house and stirring trouble. Ranveer decides to get married. Jai his excited about the pregnancy. Jai reveals his secret to Bani that leads to a series of events placing both Jai and Bani’s life in danger.