Zee World’s new drama ‘Reach For The Stars’ to premieres tonight!


Zee World has a brand new drama called Reach For The Stars and its’ premiering tonight.

The series focuses on a domestic worker, Kamla, who in spite of her dire circumstances, has hopes and aspirations in life.

Kamla is employed by Neetu and works extra hard to ensure that her children grow up enjoying the fruits of education and luxuries she could only dream of and inspires them to live their lives with dignity.

In a twist of fate both Kamla and Neetu give birth on the same day.  Neetu seems to be having difficulties adjusting to motherhood and asks her worker to help her with her baby.  In her pursuit to give her children a better future Kamla starts neglecting her own baby in order to cater to her employer’s baby.

Kamla’s husband, Vitthal opens a food stall to support his family but he is faced with challenges that make him lose the business and things go from bad to worse when he is accused of murder.  The story takes a 7-year leap ahead and the viewer is drawn to the relationship between Kamla and Neetu’s daughter, Pakhi which seems to have grown stronger over the years.

Kamla’s husband, Vitthal has also noticed that she favours Neetu’s daughter more than she does her own and eventually he confronts her about it.  Will Kamla be able to resolve this issue?

Tune in TONIGHT, Thursday, Feburary 3rd @ 6PM on Zee World (DStv 166) to watch Reach For The Stars.