ZingZillas ZingBop Series 1 on CBeebies channel


Zingzillas - ZingbopsZingZillas ZingBop Series 1 (20 episodes)
From Tuesday 17 March at 16:15 on CBeebies channel 306 on DStv

This series combines all the magic of ZingZilla Island with a groovy new twist! DJ Loose is back, and in each episode he invites six children – the Zing Boppers – to the island to learn a new dance.

Arriving on the island by submarine, the Zing Boppers perform a warm-up before pressing the Jungle-o-Meter button to choose either Zak, Tang, Panzee or Drum to show them the dance to their song.

In these new episodes, the ZingZillas do dances called “Everywhere You Go”, “Going on a Hunt” and “Moving House”.

With its toe-tapping songs, ZingBop encourages developmental movement in young children as they jump, sway, move and groove to the unique ZingZilla beat.